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Kombucha Classes: April 23 & June 25

Two more home-brewed kombucha classes are now on the books! Choose between Saturday, April 23 or Saturday, June 25 at 9:30 am. For the first time, we are offering the option to purchase a 2.5 gallon crock along with your class registration. Finding the right brewing...

Chaga: “Diamond of the Forest” Available again

Chaga is a powerful adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory mushroom that grows in a parasitic fashion on (most commonly) birch trees. It is native to the Duluth, MN area, and therefore allows The Snooty Fox to offer a locally foraged supply of this impressive organism.

Introducing Snooty Fox Tea Subscriptions

One of the best things we do in the shop is guide our customers towards discovering teas they love. To do so, we dig into the many aspects of what makes a tea hit the spot to you (or your lucky gift recipient). Taking your requests and questions into consideration, we then

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