Snooty Fox Iced Tea Satchets

Icing tea and drinking it for refreshment first came into fashion in the U.S. in the late 1800s/early 1900s. On ice continues to be the preferred way to consume tea in the colonies and there’s no end to the number of ready-made iced tea options out there. We think making it with high quality loose leaf is superior to anything you can buy in a bottle though, so here are some tips on how to make great iced tea at home!

Snooty Fox Iced Tea Sachets: After three summers of research in the field, we’ve selected 6 tea blends to create our own iced tea sachets. These are pre-measured, with enough loose leaf to make 64 ounces of delicious iced tea. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

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Iced tea brewing methods without one of our nifty sachets:

Simple and quick version: Calls for more tea, less time. Prepare your tea as you would a hot cup, following normal time and temperature guidelines. The trick is to simply double the amount of tea you use.  One generous teaspoon makes one normal cup, so use two generous teaspoons per cup. This produces a batch of hot, double-strength tea that is easy to ice down to taste. We like to pour the tea over ice in a canning jar and give it a vigorous shake! If you like your tea sweet, throw in some cane sugar or honey when the tea is hot so it dissolves easily. It’s a no-brainer process with instant results.

Smooth and slow version: Calls for more time, less tea. Instead of doubling the amount of tea you use, double the amount of water. Since you’ll be brewing the tea for 8+ hours, we recommend making a large batch. One gallon of iced tea calls for 8-10 teaspoons (one ounce) of loose leaf. Place your desired amount of tea into a gallon jar or jug and fill with cold water. Let this concoction brew for at least 8 hours, then strain and serve. Cold brewing preserves volatile oils and extracts fewer tannic acids from your tea; this produces a especially smooth texture and taste.

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