For the month of February, the unofficial motto of The Snooty Fox goes something like “Love your people, love yourself, and wake up your senses from their winter sleep!”

A thimbleful of red…

…is redder than a bucketful. So said Henri Matisse. Do you think he’d ever seen a proud male Cardinal in a stand of Birch? The rarity of color on our winter landscape encourages us to savor each drop but sometimes a craving for more sets in. With that in mind, we’ve created a new specialty drink menu that is laced with fruits, florals, and fragrant herbs.

Bathe Like a Roman

We heartily believe in compassionate self-care and one of our favorite ways to indulge is through the ancient rite of bathing! Mineral and herb baths have been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years to heal maladies, from sore muscles to rheumatism. Nearly every Ancient Roman city had at least one public bath, which served not only the practical purpose of cleansing; socialization and camaraderie were also part of the experience. 

There aren’t many public baths in operation anymore, but with the help of modern plumbing and Snooty Fox Bath Teas, we can easily enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a soak at home. Our bath tea blends allow you to customize your bathing experience by including a variety of minerals and herbs that contribute to the healing process.

Sweet Gifts

Why is tea such a thoughtful gift? When you pick out tea for someone special, you are taking the time to consider and imagine what would make them happy. What could be sweeter than pondering the happiness of another? Since we have over 100 teas and there are only so many minutes in a day for pondering, we’ve compiled a thoughtful list of lovely gift teas. Some particular favorites include our exquisite Jasmine Silver Needle white tea, calming Lavenderberry Rooibos, and the chic black tea blend: Good Morning, Paris! 

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