Snooty’s Spring Things!

Tea Latté  – A strong brewed tea made with steamed milk – choose either Almond, Soy or 2%

Raspberry Beret: Chinese & Ceylon black tea, sweet raspberries, and rosehips with milk and a shot of vanilla. Ooh la la! Medium caffeine

Green Chai: This classic gets lightened up a bit thank. s to the green tea which showcases the flavor of the spices.  Add honey & milk.  Low caffeine

Cherry Blossom: Always in bloom, with florals like hibiscus and rose with the sweet tartness of cherries.  Made with a shot of cherry flavor and your choice of milk. Low Caffeine

Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake: Silk sweet strawberries punctuated with the distinct zip of rhubarb. Made with a shot of French vanilla & milk. Medium Caffeine

Maté Latté:  A robust and stimulating herbal infusion without the caffeine crash.  Made with a shot of vanilla and your choice of milk.

We will ice any of our teas, but here are a few of our faves!

Georgia Sunshine: Peach and ginger black tea, sweetened like the South.  Medium Caffeine

Minnesota Nice: Citrusy and floral blend of black tea and jasmine green tea. Medium Caffeine

Green Mango: Our most popular green tea has a loud and bright mango flavor. Low Caffeine

Peach, Please: Light and silky peach white tea is sure to hydrate and energize! Low caffeine

Lavenderberry: Lavender, vanilla and strawberry are sweetly calming, and refreshing all at once. Caffeine free

Berry Beautiful & Hibiscus: Ruby red berry-goodness with heart healthy hibiscus. Caffeine free

Peachy Keen: Light, fruity sweet tea with peach, apple, hibiscus, elderberries, and passion fruit. Caffeine free

Spring Bubble Tea Ideas!

Peach Pear  Prickly Pear and Peach, Please White Tea. A new shop favorite!

Mellow Pomelo (Cantaloupe & Grapefruit)  Ripe cantaloupe and zesty grapefruit makes for a refreshing sipper!

Cerise Limon (Cherry & Lime) Add a little zip to your boba with sweet cherry and tart lime.

Kiwi Sandia (Kiwi & Watermelon) Juicy watermelon and exotic kiwi.  Keen As!

Mure Pepino (Blackberry & Cucumber) Hydrating cucumber and sweet blackberry are a warm weather dream.

Blueberry Lemon Blueberry and Lemon – sweet and zesty just like our favorite breakfast pastry!

Creamsicle A refreshing treat! Blood Orange and French Vanilla. Black tea.

Coconut Girl “Hi, hello, coconut girl!” Two all-time favorite flavors of mango and coconut. Green tea.

Desert Flower Desert or Dessert? It’s both! Prickly purple pear and luscious hibiscus go oh so well together. A must try. Green tea.

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