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TEA LATTE’ made with your choice of soy, almond,
or 2% milk and sweetner.

Red Foxtail:   Full-bodied Rooibos with cinnamon, clove, orange and vanilla. Spicy and sweet! Caffeine-free.
Black Foxtail:   Black tea blend with vanilla, cinnamon, clove and orange. Warming, sweet. Caffeine
Hazelnut Haus:   Slightly unusual black blend with citrus, hazelnut, coconut, and safflower. Caffeine
Pumpkin Chai:   Black tea blend with pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. Caffeine
Apple Chai:    Green tea blend with apple, lemongrass, ginger, cinnnamon, and clove. Light caffeine
Cape Town Fog:   Vanilla Rooibos, shot of vanilla. Caffeine-free
London Fog:    Fine Earl Grey and vanilla. Sumptuous. Caffeine
Frosted Moon:     Black tea blend with Madagascar bourbon vanilla. Rich and creamy, with a drizzle of honey. Caffeine
Matcha Latte:   Rich, earthy Matcha green tea whisked with milk and a touch of honey. Caffeine

Seasonal Tea Favorites – Tea for One or Tea for Two
Cranberry CrushFruity herbal blend with turmeric, clove, raspberry leaf, cinnamon, blackberry lea, cranberries, ginger and lemon grass. Caffeine-free.

Evening on the PorchSoothing herbal blend featuring peppermint, wintergreen, chamomile, rosehip, raspberry leaf, and lavender. Shop and customer favorite! Caffeine-free

Star AniseBracing herbal blend with licorice root, fennel, chamomile, cinnamon, orange peel, wild cherry bark, blackberry leaves, clove, and peppermint. Caffeine-free.

Gold Spice Relaxing, spicy sweet blend of cinnamon, orange and clove complimenting the full-bodied rooibos. Caffeine-free

GenmaichaNutty blend of Sencha green tea with toasty, puffed rice makes this tea unique and warming! Caffeinated.

The Snooty Fox Tea Shop


Blood Orange and Vanilla. Just like the ice cream treat. Black tea.

Peach Pie
Fresh peaches baked in cinnamon and vanilla. Black tea.

Spicy Boba Cha
Traditional Chai spices with Vanilla. Black tea.

Maple Cinnamon Bun
Maple and Cinnamon. Yummy goodness! Black tea.

Spicy Pumpkin Boba Cha
Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla with a dash of spice. Black tea.

Blueberry Lemon
Blueberry and Lemon – sweet and zesty. Black tea

Cherry Lime
Cherry and Lime combine for a flavorful, citrus treat. Green tea.

Coconut Girl
“Hi, hello, coconut girl!” Two all-time favorite flavors of Mango and Coconut. Green tea.

Honey Dude
“Hi, hello, honey dude?” NEW Honeydew and Mango. It’s awesome! Green tea.

Desert Flower
Desert or Dessert? It’s both! Prickly purple pear and luscious hibiscus go oh so well together. A must try. Green tea

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