Snooty’s February Favorites

Latté  $5.25  Your choice of 2%, Almond or Soy

Blue Valentine: Blueberry, Purple Corn Flower and Lavender. Add a shot of blueberry and your choice of milk and you’ve got yourself a treat!

Rose Gold: Warming spicySnooty Valentine-01 citrus rooibos with a subtle and delicate floral finish thanks to the addition of our dark rose tea. Served with a shot of vanilla syrup and your choice of milk.

Raspberry Beret: Sweet raspberries, vanilla, rosehips and black tea topped off with your choice of milk and a touch of honey.

Parisian Breakfast: Aromatic Lavender, Italian Bergamot, and light vanilla elevate our Earl Grey White Tip black tea to new heights. Sure to bring you a sense of joie de vivre!


Black Pearl: Malty Sumatran black tea with sweet cocoa notes. Goes nicely with steamed milk and honey. Simply decadent!


Peaches and Cream: Herbal Peachy Keen gets a little sweeter with a shot of peach syrup and finished off with your choice milk.


February Bubble Tea Favorites

Jasmine Mango
Our own Jasmine Phoenix Pearls as the tea base with mango. May we suggest the Mango bursting pearls as a perfect compliment.

Boba Cha
Spice and everything nice – Ginger and French vanilla with chai spices. Black tea.

Pomegranate Ginger
Pomegranate with ginger. Mix classic chewy black pearls with the pomegranate bursting boba to complete the taste!

Maple Cinnamon Bun
Maple Spice with Cinnamon flavor.

Blueberry Lemon
Blueberry and Lemon – sweet and zesty just like our favorite breakfast pastry! Black tea

Melon Head
Cantelope and Watermelon – like sipping summer!

Red Green
Strawberry and Kiwi – pretty tasty eh?

A refreshing treat! Blood Orange and French Vanilla. Black tea.

Coconut Girl
“Hi, hello, coconut girl!” Two all-time favorite flavors of mango and coconut. Green tea.

Desert Flower
Desert or Dessert? It’s both! Prickly purple pear and luscious hibiscus go oh so well together. A must try. Green tea.

PALENTINES:  These teas come in a large pot made to be shared among friends. Grab a pal and enjoy together!

You Are My Sunshine: Peach and ginger black tea bring light to a cloudy day or enhance an already sunny one! Caffeine

Minnesota Nice: A favorite in our neck of the woods includes this mix of black tea, lemongrass and purple cornflower. Sharing is caring and it doesn’t get any nicer than that!  Caffeine

NEW! Honeydew You Love Me?: Sweet and silky white tea with refreshing ripe melon notes. Also contains calendula and purple corn flower blossoms. Low Caffeine

Lavenderberry: A rooibos base with strawberry, lavender and vanilla makes for a cup that will blanket you in comfort! Caffeine Free

Berry Beautiful: A refreshing ruby red blend full of antioxidant rich berries.


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