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What's Included

2-3 teas every month, enough for about 20 cups

Detailed information included with every tea, including brewing times, temps and techniques, origin, ingredients, and interesting stories about your tea

Includes brand-new teas not even on the menu yet and limited availability teas;


One Time Payment

3 Months - $75

6 Months - $120

12 Months - $180

Rates include Shipping and Handling

During your subscription receive 20% off on additional online tea purchases

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Features: With this type of subscription, you’ll get seasonal favorites, fine and rare teas, blends, unusual finds, herbal blends, and even brand new varieties. Everything in our collection is up for grabs.

Who will like this subscription type? Adventurous tea drinkers with wide-ranging taste. The person who enjoys surprises and trying new things. People who like to share tea. A person who is new to tea and wants to learn about and sample many flavors/styles. Office subscription.

Also Known As: Variety Subscription, Tea Sampler, Tea Adventure, Variety Pack

Example Teas: Green Dragon Oolong, Organic Redbush, Black Spice, Sencha Uji

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Flavorful Favorites


Features: Your taste buds will never be bored with this choice. Mango, Almond, Rhubarb, Lemon, Clove, Lavender. Spices, herbs, fruits, nuts. It’s all about flavor. Features black, green, oolong, and white blends.

Who will like this subscription? Casual tea drinkers. Younger tea drinkers. Mom. In-laws. Crowd pleaser. Household tea selection. People who like to share tea.

Also Known As: Fun and Fruity, Foxy Flavors, Popular Choice, Favorite Blends

Example Teas: Moroccan Mint, Blueberry Fields, Toasted Almond, Green Mango

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Naturally Caffeine-Free


Features: This choice features blends that are naturally free of caffeine. You will find straight herbals, herbal blends, and various Rooibos.

Who will like this subscription? Those who are sensitive to caffeine. After dinner tea selection. All day tea drinkers. Kids.

Also Known As: Herbal Variety, “After 4”, All Day Sipper

Example Teas: Lavenderberry, Sunnie’s Soother, Hibiscus, Gold Spice

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Tea Scholar


Features: Wide-ranging tour of our pure teas from around the world (Black, Green, White, Oolong, Puer, etc.) Small harvests, aged Puer, hand-crafted teas you don’t find just anywhere.

Who will like this subscription? If you are familiar with the differences between a 1st Flush Darjeeling and a 2nd Flush Darjeeling, this is for you. The refined palate. The scholarly sipper. Dig a bit deeper into the world of tea. This subscription is for the seasoned drinker who enjoys finding a tea she’s never had because it doesn’t happen very often.

Also known as: Fine Teas, Rare Teas, Connoisseur Club

Example Teas: Witch’s Broom Sheng Puer, Dragonwell Special Grade, Ya Bao, Black Pearl

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