About Green Blends

These lovely blends are a combination of green teas and fruit, spices, flowers, and even rice. For more extensive information on green teas, read this!


Green Chai

A lighter twist on classic Chai. Organic green tea blended with beautiful organic orange peel,

Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger is an invigorating blend with a Sencha base. Makes for a great afternoon treat.

About Green Blends Tea

These lovely blends are a combination of green teas and fruit, spices, flowers, and flavoring.


Brewing Green Blends

Green teas are prepared with water between 160 and 175 degrees, and are typically steeped from 1 to 3 minutes. To prepare Green Blends from The Snooty Fox, we recommend a steep time of 2 to 3 minutes. Please check the individual tea variety for the best brewing instructions.

Visual Cues: If you don’t have a variable temperature water heater or a thermometer, it’s still possible to get your water to the appropriate temperature.

160F At this temperature, tiny, pin-size bubbles start to appear. These are first bubbles to appear on your water’s surface as the temperature rises. These bubbles are called “shrimp eyes” and indicate that the water is at a perfect temperature for delicate green teas. This temperature range is great for preparing the Green Blend, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls.

170F At this temperature, “shrimp eyes” turn into slightly larger bubbles. Additionally, wisps of steam begin to rise of the water’s surface. This stage is called “crab eyes” and at 175F, it is a good temperature point for heartier green teas. Most Green Blends should be prepared at this temperature.

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