This week will mark our fifth year of making tea for the Twin Ports community! To celebrate, we are going to implement some changes to our menu and policies that will continue beyond the week. For example, jellies in bubble tea will become a permanent menu item. We’ve had many requests over the years for jellies; if you’ve never tried them, we’d be happy to get you a sample. They’re less chewy than tapioca and a little more firm than bursting pearls–strangely satisfying!

New practices we plan to implement? Double punch Wednesdays and student appreciation Thursdays. Double punch Wednesday is pretty self-explanatory–for all drinks and bulk kombucha purchases, you’ll get two punches. That adds up! On Thursdays moving forward, we’ll be offering $1 off all drinks for students. Just flash a student ID (or homework)! Tuesday, as ever, is bulk tea day with 10% all loose leaf purchases. Bring in your own tea tins or jars on Tuesday, and we’ll give ya 20% off!

Friday will find us tapping a special batch of Boreal Blend Kombucha. Boreal Blend is one of our herbal teas that is inspired by the taste of the far-north Boreal Forest. With cedar, juniper berries, rose hip, burdock root, and peppermint, the blend is citrusy, spicy, peppery, bright, and pleasantly astringent. This is only our second batch of this very special flavor.

Finally, on Saturday, we are planning a laid back day with samples and goodie bags with one-off snooty tokens.

If you’ve got some free time this week, stop by the shop and say hello! We’d love a chance to share the fun with you, celebrate, and ~especially~ say THANK YOU for being a part of our story.