This is our last week of operation at our current location before we pack up and move down the hill for a period of reflection, realignment, and reimagining. It has been an almost two year process of seeking a larger production site to accommodate the growing kombucha and tea-making side of our business. We recently found an ideal site that meets the short but very-specific list of needs. After much consideration, we have decided to close the current chapter of our Snooty Fox story and go into a cocoon phase before re-opening to the public. We plan to use our newfound time and space to dig in, explore, and ask questions about who and how we are as a business, while slowly growing the wholesale side. Two central questions at this time are: How do we best connect with and serve our community? and How do we best implement and offer sustainable practices and products, in our day to day operation? In March, it will be six years since the formation of The Snooty Fox and ensuing months’ construction of our storefront at The Chester Gardens Building. For the last six years, we have done our best to live our values while serving amazing teas to incredible customers. We’ve had a ton of fun along the way and learned a lot but 2020 finds us wanting to move forward with the very best of our practices and products, while refining or letting go of those we find unsustainable or not of service to the greater vision.

If you’ve ever been to the tea shop, you know that The Snooty Fox is family owned and operated. We’ve put a lot of ourselves into this cafe and business. This next phase will allow my business partner and mom–Peg–to take a big step back from the day to day grind. She retired from a 40-year career at the city of Duluth to help me launch this business; not only did she demonstrate a belief in my dream, she wholeheartedly threw herself into helping make it possible. The shop has her to thank for our cute, handmade packaging, playful window decorations, and the seasonal deep clean of our bursting-at-the-seams tea and herb shelves–among many many other functions and duties! I will always respect her willingness to step out of her comfort zone in order to work behind the cafe counter. Good cafe service is just as much about a kind approach that helps a patron feel comfortable as it is about foaming milk for latte. Peg always brings warmth and kindness to a situation–our automated milk foamers did the rest! THANK YOU, Mom. I’m excited to see what you and Dad do, now that you’re both going to ~actually~ retire!

This business of tea is highly personal to me. I try to bring my full authentic self to every interaction I have and every cup of tea I make. When I operate this way, my business becomes an extension of myself, giving me a chance to offer my very best with humility and generosity. Because of the highly personal nature of this pursuit, it is subject to my shifting personal values and outlook. As such, at this point, I am asking my business to shift and grow in accordance with my personal sense of urgency to be more helpful, healed, and healing in a world facing global climate crisis, species and habitat loss, major public health concerns, institutionalized oppression, and on and on and on. Yes, it’s just a corner tea shop but it’s the tiny sliver of the world over which I have decision-making power and responsibility. In the coming months, I’m going to do all that I can to bring it into greater alignment in expressing my values and purpose.

We are so grateful for the community we have watched blossom at the shop and the connections and friendships we have forged with you over the years. Thank you for sharing your victories and celebrations, your disappointments and uncertainties, and for allowing us to make you tea to go along with whatever life was giving you that day. A cup of tea, thoughtfully prepared and served, creates space for conversation, sharing, reflection, community–and myriad other states and feelings. That will never change. We thank you for these nearly six years of support, kindness, and patronage. We thank you for support, patience, and understanding moving forward. Please know how much we’ve enjoyed being a little part of your lives. We’ve truly cherished every day here, making tea for our community.

For our last week in this space, we will be open Monday through Friday, 9-6 and Saturday-Sunday, 10-4. Our last official day of operation is Sunday, February 2nd.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call any time during business hours 218-464-0237 or to email me

With love and gratitude,