Experience the finest local culture a fox can sip! Refreshing and probiotic, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that we are excited to share with our community.

Brewing kombucha is a fun and rewarding process that centers around caring for a living organism. When you care for your culture, it cares for you back with abundant kombucha production. We believe that the more you learn about kombucha, the more captivating it is!

 Enjoy Kombucha at Our Shop

On Tap

We brew our kombucha in-house using our 7-tea blend and repurposed oak barrels. By producing kombucha in kegs and serving it on tap, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of single-use materials that are typically associated with its consumption.


Glasses & Flights

5oz ………….. $1.75

10oz ………… $4.00

16oz ………… $5.25

24oz ……….. $6.25

Flight ……… $9.00


Bottles & Growlers

16oz ………….. $4.75 / 3.00 deposit

32oz ………….. $9.25 / 4.00 deposit

Growler ……. $18.00 / 5.50 deposit

We will provide a freshly-washed bottle for your refill. Don’t forget the growler cap!


Brewed in Small Batches

Snooty Fox kombucha is produced in small, 5-gallon batches. That is 40 pints or 8 growlers per flavor and as such, our daily kombucha menu is constantly changing. We happily take feedback from our loyal sippers, and after producing over 100 flavors, we are beginning to bring favorites back. That said, no two batches are exactly the same. In this featured flavors section, you can find info about past, current, and future flavors, with special notes from brewers Tom and Sophie.

A Probiotic

To take advantage of kombucha’s probiotic benefits, a 4-5 oz serving is all you need per day. It’s perfectly healthy to drink more (we do!) but we recommend increasing your serving size gradually. Because kombucha is probiotic in nature, a large amount may overwhelm your gut.

Keep it Cold

Snooty Fox Kombucha is best consumed within a week of first opening. As a food item, kombucha doesn’t necessarily “go bad” per se. The flavor may not be optimal if you leave it in the fridge for a year–maybe use it as salad dressing! Don’t forget to return your growler or bottle to the fridge after you pour yourself a glass/take a swig. If left out, kombucha will continue maturing and become extra vinegary-tasting.