Meet the brewers behind Snooty Fox Kombucha! Let us introduce Tom and Sophie Spehar. They bring to the team a combined 20+ years of experience with brewing kombucha and fermenting foods. Working with a dynamic, living organism encourages creativity and experimentation; the couple have already demonstrated this handily. Since launching Snooty’s brewing operation in August of 2016, Tom and Sophie have produced over 100 unique kombucha flavors. In their work, you see a respect for and knowledge of tradition, combined with a self-assured artistic impulse and penchant for innovation.

Guided by her adventurous tastebuds, Sophie lovingly invents our ever-changing kombucha flavors and may take full credit for dozens of our best batches. She’s a taste-maker and seeker, with many years’ experience working at wine bars, cocktail bars, and breweries. Her love of good beverage is extreme: if given the choice between food and drink for the rest of her life, Sophtom and sophie_edit would choose drink in a
heartbeat. She cites motherhood as an influence on her attitude towards brewing, finding joy and reward in nurturing the kombucha and in turn, our community.

Tom is responsible for maintaining the physical health of our culture and oak barrels. Constantly researching, he draws from a large base of cross-disciplinary knowledge in order to maintain things like proper yeast ratios and pH levels. Precise and patient with his endeavors, Tom plays the role of kombucha scientist at The Snooty Fox. In addition, he works as an Horologist and gem cutter. Like we said: he’s precise. Working with durable materials like metal, stones, and the cellulosic membrane of a SCOBY comes naturally.

The team is currently ramping up kombucha production in order to make it more widely available, but building a healthy and happy culture takes time. Please visit us in store to sample their work with a glass or flight of our latest kombuchas. You can meet Tom and Sophie in person either on April 3rd or April 30th for a brewing kombucha class. See you soon at The Snooty Fox Tea Shop!