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The Perfect Tea Since 2014

The Snooty Fox is all about discovering great tea and learning new things while having fun. We believe that there is perfect tea for every time of day, every mood, and every setting. Our primary goal is to help you find that special tea that clicks so perfectly it’s like a match made in heaven.

If you do ever find yourself in our neighborhood, stop in and ask for the tea yenta. Ok there’s no tea yenta. But, we are really good at finding the perfect tea, for you, right now. With about 115 teas to choose from, we are completely confident that you will leave with a smile on your face and a new favorite tea.

Meet the Owner

The Snooty Fox Tea Shop was created by a lady named Elizabeth. A Duluth, MN native, she decided in the spring of 2014 to bring a tea shop to her hometown. Some of her favorite things in the world are tea, kombucha, bubble tea, plants, and art. In her mind’s eye, this tea shop would combine all of those lovely things.

With all the confidence of someone who doesn’t know any better, Elizabeth began to work her plan. She drew inspiration from all corners of her life – her curiosity and research talents, her travel experiences, her love of art, and of course, her love of tea. Elizabeth knew that high quality tea, served with knowledge and care, would be a welcome addition to Duluth’s offerings. By fall of the same year, The Snooty Fox Tea Shop opened its doors in the new Chester Creek Garden building on the corner of 19th Avenue East and 8th Street.

Why “The Snooty Fox”

While trying to think of a good name for a tea shop, I looked to British pub names for inspiration. Why British pub names? In college, I spent time in London to learn about the great city and its long history of writers. While there, I got a big kick out of the cheeky, charming, and sometimes silly names they give their pubs. Carpenter and The Walrus. Princess Louise. The Well and Bucket. Moon Under Water. I wrote these names down in my little black notebook alongside sketches, broken lines of prose, and notes about paintings I liked at Tate Modern. Many years later, with an unnamed tea shop coming together, I found myself perusing lists of pub names for an idea. And there it was: The Snooty Fox. The image of a snooty red fox struck me, gripped me even because I had met a snooty fox a few years earlier. And she liked strawberries.

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