Join the brewers of Snooty Fox Kombucha for a hands-on introduction to brewing kombucha at home.

Class starts with tasty samples and a conversation about students’ previous experience with kombucha. Using visual aids, we will walk through the brewing process, go over supplies needed, and explore special techniques for flavoring and carbonating. This is a very fun, multi-sensory class that culminates with us brewing a fresh batch of kombucha together.

By the end of the class, you will have the information, materials, and confidence you need to start making your own kombucha!

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“Class with Crock”  “Class without Crock”
instructional recipe book instructional recipe book
32 oz starter culture 32 oz starter culture
loose leaf tea for several batches loose leaf tea for several batches
2.5-gallon ceramic crock with spigot No Crock
$75/household $40/household


This is a new class offering at the tea shop and recommended for those who have some kombucha brewing experience. Ideally, this class attendee is comfortable with the primary fermentation step and has brewed successful batches.

In our advanced class, we will focus on taking your kombucha to the next level in terms of flavoring and carbonation. We will talk about how to effectively use ingredients like fruits, vegetables, juices, herbs, and tea itself to flavor your kombucha.

We will share our insights on how to create your own flavor recipes and also provide some of our own Snooty Fox Kombucha recipes for you to try at home. This will be especially fun during summer and into fall, when local produce becomes more easily available. You grew some lavender in a pot on your back porch? Let’s talk about how to use it in your next batch of booch!



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Join Snooty Fox Creative Director Elizabeth Spehar for this cozy introduction to all things tea. After a general overview and a peek into the history of tea, explore the different tea categories and over 110 varieties in order to find the perfect tea for you. Then take home samples of three to five samples of your favorite flavors!

The course will also cover topics such as the proper brewing techniques required for each individual tea, unique health benefits, and more.

$10 for You

$15 for You +1