Hey foxy folx! The Snooty Fox Tea Shop’s third anniversary party is fast approaching. Join us in the fox den on Saturday, October 21st for specialty foxtails, live music, treats, and more whisker-wettin’ fun. In advance of the shindig, here are all the details you need to know:

Q: When does it start?

A: Doors at 7, mingling ’til 8.

Q: What  kind of music will there be?

A: Superior Siren will be playing for us from 8-9! We are so excited!

Q: Do I need to bring my pocketbook?

A: Nope it’s a party! Time for food, drink, and fun.

Q: Where’s a good spot to park?

A: There is street parking along both 19th Avenue East and 8th Street. There is a private lot behind The Snooty Fox, with bike and handicap parking out front. For you public transportation fans, the shop is well-situated on DNT line 11. 

Q: So what are these foxtails going to be like?

A: We are brewing up a few special batches of kombucha to share with you and complementary (and complimentary) cocktails. The night will also see the launch of seasonal tea blends in several categories. It’s your chance to try concoctions we haven’t yet shared!

Q: Dress code?

A: Pince-nez and (faux) furs optional.


  • Please RSVP to our 3rd anniversary party on Saturday October 21st. Fill out this form and we'll know if we can expect you. No field is required and we'll only use this info to prepare for the party! The party is free and this form is non binding!