There’s a perfect tea for absolutely everyone and the holidays are the best time of year to show someone how well you know them, while also delighting their senses with a delicious gift that will literally keep on giving with each fresh brewing.

But how to choose a personalized tea for everyone on your list? For a start, consider the sipping preferences and unique personality of the tea drinker in question. Are you shopping for someone who’s energetic and hilarious? They’ll love Liz Lemon, a smooth green as quirky as its namesake and with real zip! Or possibly your giftee is the quieter, bookish type who likes nothing better than to disappear into their private library with a warming cup of chai. Click here to browse all 115 tea varieties available at The Shop.

A Tea Subscription takes this art of matching teas to personalities to the next level. Is the person on your list the adventurous, try-it-all sort? A casual tea drinker? A caffeine-phobe? Or a seasoned sipper who’s really difficult to surprise? Depending on the answer, consider treating your holiday gift recipients to one of four Tea Subscription options.

Tea Subscriptions can be gifted for three months, six months, or the full 2018 calendar year. Each delivers 2-3 teas every month — enough for about 20 cups. Highlights include new teas not even on the menu yet, as well as limited edition flavors. Each tea comes with detailed information on brewing techniques, origins, ingredients, and background stories.  

Expedition Subscription


This subscription is for fearless tea drinkers, always willing to try something new. You can keep them guessing with this ever-surprising supply of fine and rare teas, herbal blends, and unusual finds. Encompassing many different flavors and styles, Expedition will take you globetrotting with Green Dragon OolongOrganic Red Bush Rooibos, and farther still.

Flavorful Favorites

Shopping for a casual tea drinker? An in-law? Or a crowd pleaser who’s proud of their at-home selection, always quick to ask, “Milk, sugar, or lemon?” The fun and fruity Flavorful Favorites subscription is for them. Even someone who has the kettle on all day long will never get bored with Moroccan Mint, Blueberry Fields, and more drool-worthy blends to choose from.

Naturally Caffeine-Free


Maybe your gift recipient is a recovering caffeine junky? Or maybe they have so much boundless energy, they just don’t go near highly caffeinated bevs. They’ll be so grateful to sip with impunity and chill out at the same time with a Naturally Caffeine-Free subscription. This selection will show you that there’s so much more beyond classic chamomile — from Hibiscus blends to Lavenderberry, a strawberry infused anti-inflammatory and nervous system soother.

Tea Scholar Subscription


Perhaps the most challenging tea drinker to buy for is the one who seems to already know everything about tea. Even the most seasoned tea connoisseurs will be satisfied with the Tea Scholar subscription, geared toward the refined palate. There is always more to learn in the world of tea, and your savvy sipper will enjoy discovering teas that they’ve never tried before, such as Witch’s Broom Sheng Puer, or delicate Ya Bao.