Tea Scholar


Features: Wide-ranging tour of our pure teas from around the world (Black, Green, White, Oolong, Puer, etc.) Small harvests, aged Puer, hand-crafted teas you don’t find just anywhere.

Who will like this subscription? If you are familiar with the differences between a 1st Flush Darjeeling and a 2nd Flush Darjeeling, this is for you. The refined palate. The scholarly sipper. Dig a bit deeper into the world of tea. This subscription is for the seasoned drinker who enjoys finding a tea she’s never had because it doesn’t happen very often.

Also known as: Fine Teas, Rare Teas, Connoisseur Club

Example Teas: Witch’s Broom Sheng Puer, Dragonwell Special Grade, Ya Bao, Black Pearl

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