Latté  $5.25

With your choice of 2%, Almond or Soy


Ginger Bread Haus - Rooibos, almonds, pistachios, orange peel, coriander and peppercorns all under one roof with a shot of gingerbread syrup for sweetness. Caffeine-free.

Peppermint Patty - Creamy chocolate and refreshing peppermint teas mingle deliciously. Shot of peppermint gives it a bit more chill. Caffeinated.

Milano Shortbread - All the scents of Nona’s kitchen at cookie baking time…Pistachio, marzipan, rose petals, and almonds. Caffeinated

Hazelnut Orange  Black tea with hazelnut flavor, cloves and orange with a shot of almond or orange flavor.

Snow Day - Subtly sweet green tea with hints of citrus and cinnamon. Pleasantly bracing like a crisp winter day. Caffeinated.

Sauna Steamer - Give this black tea blend a sniff and you feel like you just stepped into the sauna. Toasty, woodsy, with a hint of smokiness. If you like it hot, we’ll throw another log on for you! Caffeinated.

Also Available:  London Fog, Cape Town Fog, Matcha Latte, Blueberry Muffin




Boreal Forest- Welcome to the northwoods! Our own local blend featuring cedar, burdock, juniper berries, rosehips, catnip, cranberry and peppermint. Caffeine-free.

Liz Lemon Green Tea- A little sunshine on a gloomy winter day is sure to cheer.  Light caffeine.

Gold SpiceSettle into this relaxing, spicy sweet blend of cinnamon, orange and clove complimenting the full-bodied rooibos.  Caffeine-free.

Black SpiceFeeling a little under the weather? Black Spice is a soothing black tea with the natural analgesic of cloves. Caffeinated.

Genmaicha – A centuries old Japanese Sencha green tea with toasty, puffed rice makes this tea very unique and warming!  Caffeinated



More flavors featured on the order form.
Tapioca and bursting pearls available.
Let us know if you don’t do dairy!


Chocolate, peppermint, black tea and chocolate boba when available!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate and strawberry. Black tea.

Cherry Lime
Sweet cherry and sour lime. Green tea.

Pomegranate Ginger
Pomegranate and ginger with bursting boba –lots of zing! Green tea.

Spicy Boba Cha
Ginger and French Vanilla with a dash of spice. Black tea.

Peach Pie
Peach, French Vanilla and Cinnamon. Black tea.

Desert Flower
Desert or Dessert? It’s both! Prickly purple pear and luscious hibiscus go oh so well together. A must try. Green tea.

A refreshing treat! Blood Orange and French Vanilla.  Black tea.

Coconut Girl
“Hi, hello, coconut girl.” Two all-time favorite flavors of mango and coconut. Green tea.

Red Green
Classic combo of strawberry and kiwi. Delicious eh? Green tea.

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