Coconut Girl: “Hi, hello, coconut girl!” Rich coconut and fruity mango make this a year-round fave, but it’s especially nom in summer. Trust us!                                

Desert Flower: Pop spelling quiz! Is it desert or dessert? No wrong answers, cuz this drink is both! Desert pear and luscious hibiscus  w/green tea

Creamsicle: Tart Blood Orange and creamy French Vanilla. Our take on the fave ice cream treat of ye olden times. w/black tea.

Melon Head: Hydration all-stars, watermelon cantaloupe team up to quench that thirst!

Aloha! Hawaiian blend with citrus pineapple And pomegranate will greet you sweetly. w/green tea

Red Green: Keep it simple with strawberry and kiwi.  Sounds nice, eh? w/green tea.

Southern Belle:  Peach and ginger.  Don’t mess with what’s good w/black tea.    

Oui Oui Paris! Inspired by our Parisian Breakfast black tea blend, this Boba is flavored with lavender and vanilla. Already a classic, but not available often! w/black tea






TEA LATTE’: your choice of hot or iced
Milk available: 2%, Soy, or Almond

Blue Milkshake: Blueberry Fields black tea and a shot of blueberry syrup will put you in a berry good mood! Med caf

Matcha Latte: Grassy whipped Matcha with a smooch of honey. This creamy latte packs an antioxidant punch    

Med, sustained caf

Cream Soda: Wild Sarsaparilla sweetened with a shot of vanilla. Caffeine-free

Peaches and Cream: Rich herbal peach tea with vanilla and cream. Sweet and comforting. Caffeine-free

Pink Colada:  Piña colada-inspired herbal tea finished with extra coconut flavor and cream. Alcohol and caffeine free



We’ll ice any of our teas, but here are a few of our faves!

New! Sweetened iced tea refreshers: Lightly sweetened with cane sugar fruit syrup

Green: Choose from hydrating cantaloupe, tangy pomegranate or sweet mango.

Black: Choose from refreshing peach, zesty lemon, or juicy blackberry.

Snooty Fox ½ and ½: Real lemonade served “classic” style with black tea. Select a choice from our variety of teas (+1.00).

Iced Tea Flavor of the Day!: Can’t decide? Try our featured flavor of the day!

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