– tea for one –  4.00

– tea for two - 7.00

– latte - 5.25

– iced medium –  4.20

– iced large - 4.75

– ice latte - 5.25



bubble tea


– medium –  5.25

– large –  6.00

– extra Pearls –  .75




– small –  4.00

– medium –  5.25

– large –  6.25

– flight –  9.00




– pint-  4.75

– liter –  9.25

– growler –  18.00


PINT - 3.00
LITER - 4.00
GROWLER - 5.50 




 Snooty’s Spring Things

Tea Latté  

A strong cup of tea made with steamed milk – choose from Almond, Oat, Soy, or 2%

Cherry Blossom: Always in bloom, with florals like hibiscus and rose with the sweet tartness of cherries.  Made with a shot of cherry flavor. Light caffeine 

Green Chai: This classic gets lightened up a bit thanks to the green tea which showcases the flavor of the spices.  Extra tasty with a drizzle of honey. Light caffeine

Builder’s Cuppa: Wake up with a traditional British tea and milk. Choose English Breakfast or Albert Square. A hearty cup for hearty folk. Medium caffeine

Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberries, lemongrass, and Sencha. Bright and delightful! Shot of vanilla. Light caffeine

Maté Latté:  A robust and stimulating herbal infusion without the caffeine crash.  Made with a shot of vanilla. 

Spring Tea Favorites – 
Karigane - An interesting Japanese green tea, “twig tea” contains the stems and twigs of the tea plant. Steeps up into a rich and savory cup. Light caffeine

Kukicha – An oxidized version of twig tea, Kukicha has a nutty, earthy flavor. Very low caffeine

Mango Rooibos – Lightly fruity Rooibos blend with lemongrass, mango, strawberries and marigold. Smooth, sweet and mellow. Naturally caffeine-free

Evening on the Porch - Perfect combination of fruits, mints and spice, made for sipping on the porch!  Naturally caffeine-free

Georgia Sunshine: A fruity blend for those who don't usually do fruity tea. Black blend with ginger and peach. Especially delicious when iced! Medium Caffeine


Choose from our flavors to 

create your own bubble tea combination...



Choose from this list featuring some new flavors and customer favorites!

Rainbow Sherbet- Orange, lime, raspberry, and vanilla – made to be shared with Grandpa. 

Prairie Pear- Desert Pear and lavender. Delicious new combo - Thanks Antonia!

Coco-nutty- Combining Coconut with hazelnut – our latest candy bar inspired treat!

Crunch Berry- Ahoy!I Your fave Cap’n Crunch flavor as a bubble tea. Berries and Taro. 

Creamsicle- A consistent favorite. Blood Orange and vanilla with black tea. Just like the ice cream treat!

Coconut Girl- The OG bubble tea combo at Snooty. Coconut and Mango with green tea.

Honey Dude- Honeydew and mango with green tea.

Desert Flower- Desert or Dessert? It’s both! Prickly purple pear and luscious hibiscus go oh so well together. A must try!

Cherry Ginger- Bing with a Zing! Cherry and ginger.

Red Green- Strawberry and kiwi with green tea.  Delicious eh?